Why Bing PPC Makes Sense for Property Management Companies

If you had told us a year ago that we would be doing a blog suggesting Bing Pay-Per-Click (PPC), we probably would have laughed ourselves out of our chair. However, during Fourandhalf’s latest round of research, we found that Bing has become a cost-effective source of PPC leads for your business. There are a couple of important reasons that explain this.
Search Traffic and Competition
According to ComScore, Google currently owns 63.4% and Bing owns 21.9% of desktop searches out there but data has shown that Bing has been trending upwards. For now, Google remains the search engine of choice for the vast majority of Americans.
Owners Searching on Windows
But – who is searching for your business and how? From what we know, tenants tend to be younger and more technologically savvy; most are using Google to search. Owners, however, tend to be older and less technologically savvy, so many of them use the default browser and search engine that came with their Windows computer: Internet Explorer/Edge browser and Bing search.
So here’s how we see it: Not most, but a lot of property owners and landlords are looking for you on Bing; and not a lot of property managers are advertising on Bing. They’re focused on Google because that’s the big fish. There’s more traffic there. But by only advertising on Google, they’re missing out on 100% of the people searching on Bing.
Bing is Cheaper
The price of PPC goes up and up. In most cities, Google AdWords is cost-effective, but it’s no longer the deal it used to be. With the lack of competition advertising on Bing, prices there are lower. Fourandhalf’s Paid Search team has not yet found a city where Google’s PPC is cheaper than Bing’s, click for click. And a lead is a lead, whether you get them from Bing or Google. Wouldn’t you rather pay less per lead?
Bing pay-per-click makes sense for a property management business. We don’t suggest abandoning a Google AdWords campaign, because the volume is so much higher; using Bing alone may not bring in enough leads. However, the price per lead makes Bing a solid choice to add to your Digital Marketing strategy.
If you have any questions about using Bing to market your property management business, please contact us at Fourandhalf.

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