Tips And Tactics For International B2B PPC Campaigns

PPC is still a major driver of traffic and conversions for B2B brands. Jeroen Maljers, CEO of PPC Platform Swydo joins us to share insights into how they can make the most of the channel.

(00:20) What are the biggest pitfalls when running international B2B PPC campaigns?

Campaign Structure. You need to think ahead and plan the structure, as it’s difficult to restructure a campaign once its live. For international campaigns, grouping by country or region is usually the best option, especially as some Adwords setting can only be controlled at campaign rather than adgroup level.

(01:45) What are the differences between B2B and B2C campaigns?

It’s important not to have too much waste in B2B campaigns, and carefully choose keywords so that consumers don’t click, as well as utilise negative keywords.

(3:48) There are so many different Adwords features now, which do you think are the most interesting to take advantage of?

It’s important to keep it focused, as there are some many options, to make sure you don’t overdo it and end up with mixed messages, or multiple calls to action. It’s not essential to use every feature, as you can dilute your message.

(05:52) B2B are often lead gen campaigns. What should you consider when writing B2B ads?

Think about the problem that you’re solving. Who is the customer and what do they need? You also need to think about where in the buying funnel the user is – are they just researching or are they ready to buy?

Using retargeting is a great way to see what your users do next – are they still searching? Are they looking for a different feature or a lower price? This can help you develop and refine your campaigns.

(07:47) Can you take the same approach internationally with how you develop paid search campaigns?

In terms of how people use platforms, technology, its pretty uniform across languages. However, cultural differences will always be there.

(08:32) What about paid social? How does it play in the B2B space and which platforms are successful?

LinkedIn ads, as well as sponsored updates, can be very powerful but Facebook and Twitter are also important.

(09:34) What is your top tip for International B2B PPC campaigns?

Understand the product, whether you’re in-house or an agency. Spend time learning what it is, how people use it etc… and that will help you create meaningful, relevant campaigns.

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