The Science of Excel for PPC Marketers with Bing Ads

This 60 minute live webcast was recorded on March 15th at 11am PST, and was hosted by MJ DePalma, your SEM Pro Community Manager with subject matter expert, Eric Couch, Bing Ads Client Trainer. There’s definitely a Science to harnessing the power of Excel for paid search marketers and Eric has all the tricks down. He’ll share how to help you save time, gain insights, and rearrange and incrementally add budget within your ROI goals, all with using the power of Excel. You’ll walk away with the basic formulas, but also how to nest them within themselves adding to the PPC marketers’ daily account management bag of tricks. You’ll get to download an Excel template personally created by Eric, from the webcast console, pre-populated with formulas to get you landing that Ollie. (That’s a skateboarding reference of a trick in case you didn’t know!). For a complete download of all the material shared on this webcast, please see the webcast console.

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