The Insider’s Guide to SEMrush – PPC Keyword Tool & Ads Builder

0:40 Social Media Poster Update
2:14 Intro to PPC Keyword Tool
3:15 Importing Keywords
3:26 Importing Keywords from SEMrush
5:53 Setting Your Location
7:17 Creating Ad Groups
8:37 Removing Duplicate Keywords
9:30 Filtering Keywords
9:40 Moving Keywords into Ad Groups
11:03 Recommendations Tab
12:08 Analyzing Keyword Metrics
13:55 Importing Keywords from the Position Tracking Tool
14:18 Exporting Your Campaigns
14:54 Intro to Ads Builder
15:35 Ad Research
16:35 Text Ads
17:02 Building a Text Ad
18:37 Are there any tools in SEMrush that integrate with the PPC Keyword Tool?
20:42 How will I know if a keywords is competitive in paid search?
21:15 How do I make single keyword ad groups?
22:34 Can I directly export my campaign to Adwords?
23:31 How do I find my competitors’ best performing ad copy?

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