The Future of Amazon PPC | Complete Advanced Campaign Strategies Explained 2019

Welcome to the Elite Conference 2019, the online summit for e-commerce sellers!
Our goal for the Elite conference is helping each and every seller be more successful and scale their business. We had sessions on product sourcing, listing optimization along with advanced topics like Amazon Sponsored Ads and Brand protection.

I would like to introduce our guest and myself. My name is Ankitha Nagarajan, Customer Success Head at SellerApp, and our guest today Brij Purohit. He is Co Founder and Chief Product Officer of SellerApp.

Today we’ll be talking about Amazon Sponsored Ads and it’s future. As you know Amazon is releasing a lot of new features, almost every day. Recently, it has released Product Targeting, Display Ads etc and is currently world’s 3rd biggest Ad Platform. It’s one of the cash cows for Amazon because of which we can safely say that Amazon will be focusing on it in the future as well.
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EliteConference is a digital conference creating awareness and is motivated towards helping Amazon sellers to start, increase sales, and protect their marketplace business.
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