The Color Purple by Alice Walker: A Short Summary

In this poignant epistolary novel that relates the story of two sisters Celie and Nettie, Alice Walker condemns racial and sexual oppression and severely criticizes the brutality that victimized the black ladies specifically in the South. This is an incredible tale, distressing and awkward that performs out more than two many years of Celie’s daily life through her letters commencing at age 14, when she is sexually abused by her stepfather, who later gets rid of her youngsters.

Celie’s real nightmare begins with her marriage to Albert, who relatively demands a servant than a spouse to consider care of his 4 youngsters, glimpse right after his property, and do the job in his fields but Celie is pleased to marry him to save her more youthful sister Nettie from her father’s clutches. Nonetheless the latter constrained to depart for refusing the sexual developments of her sister’s husband goes to Africa as a missionary right after promising to write to Celie. With this distressing separation and a finish silence from Nettie, her daily life worsens and Celie begins producing to God a correspondence devoid of any hope of reply but but these missives save her from despair… She proceeds addressing to “Expensive Excellent Lord” and relates her miserable condition, describing the nightmare of the violence and isolation but also hope, when her husband delivers home his mistress Shug Avery for Celie to nurse her again to overall health.

This female unlike Celie is attractive and unbiased and with Shug she discovers the thriller of Nettie’s silence for her husband has been hiding her sister’s letters in a locked trunk and discovering them unlocks a new earth to her. With the sensual Shug Avery, Celie familiarizes with her human body, learns self-esteem and also enjoy realizing the whole extent of the abuses endured from her husband also offers her the strength to commence a new daily life with Shug. Her sister’s letters wholly completely transform her when she learns that her father was not really her organic parent and her childhood property really belonged to her and Nettie since their mom handed away.

These letters also reveal that her sister Nettie is residing with a Reverend who has adopted her two youngsters and numerous many years later, when they return the sisters at past have a blissful reunion. In this fantastic novel, the author employs the themes of violence and sexual abuse to a spectacular outcome and the growth of the principal character Celie, displays her transformation from an sad, miserable man or woman into a pleased, successful, unbiased lady.


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