Starcraft 2 Baneling Rush Build Order

In order to use the Starcraft 2 baneling rush method correctly plenty of to subdue an opponent, your timing has to be quite specific! This means you can not be slowed down by a negative make order. If the Starcraft 2 baneling rush make order you make your mind up to use gets the erroneous updates at the erroneous time, it will usually final result in the timing of your assault being as well late or not potent plenty of to do any authentic injury.

Listed here is the ideal Starcraft 2 baneling rush make order I&#39ve been in a position to uncover so considerably:

10/10 -> Establish Drones

12/10 -> Double Extractor Trick to make 2 extra Drones

12/10 -> Establish first Overlord

14/18 -> Establish an Extractor with 3 drones mining

15/18 -> Establish a Spawning Pool

15/26 -> Establish a Roach Warren

15/26 -> Establish a Queen

17/26 -> Establish a Zergling

17/26 -> Establish a Zergling

19/26 -> Establish a Baneling Nest

19/26 -> Establish another Overlord

19 – 28 -> Establish Roaches to aid Banelings

The banelings need to go in first in order to crack any form of wall your opponent could possibly be locked up powering. This means sending them in mass figures to make sure that your baneling rush does not get deleted speedily. Have a handful of roaches all set to aid the assault as before long as it hits your opponent&#39s base.

The roaches are quite important merely due to the fact you can not be expecting results relying on a person device alone these types of as the baneling. The baneling&#39s injury is wonderful but also minimal considering the fact that it only has a person suicide assault. Acquire advantage of this suicide assault by applying it to get out big groups of infantry, then right away shift into roaches to destroy off the remaining pair of units and wipe out your opponent&#39s properties.


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