PPC Marketing Strategies For Lawyers (Must Watch Interview With Jacob Baadsgaard)

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On today’s Rothman PPC For Lawyers podcast we bring on the CEO and founder of Disruptive Advertising Jacob Baadsgaard to talk about online marketing strategies for attorneys.

We talk about both Facebook advertising and Google Ads and Bing search engine marketing and there’s even some display contextual and remarketing talk.

We kick off the interview talking about running a marketing agency and leadership, and then we dive into the law firm marketing talk. We cover the differences between social media marketing and search advertising and how law firms can best use both strategies.

Then we talk about the importance of selecting the right kinds of keywords to target in Google Ads. Specifically we cover the importance of focusing your keywords on your best types of cases and also the importance of buyer intent.

Next up we talk about the much-debated number one position in Google Ads. Do you have to show up number 1 to be effective? Jacob has a very interesting take on how to approach ad position.

Then we discuss how to handle the sometimes high cost per click of personal injury keywords like “car accident lawyer near me” and “truck accident attorney.” And we also talk about the conversion rate levels we see on attorney campaigns.

We finish up by talking about the importance of landing pages and how sending PPC traffic to the homepage is almost always a mistake for law firms.

And we also do some questions at the end of the show about how to pick out a Google Ads budget, how long until attorneys can expect to see results from their PPC campaigns, and what attorneys can do to help their PPC managers get the best results possible.

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