PPC for Mortgage Brokers – How to accelerate your Lead Flow with Google Adwords

Pay Per Click marketing is the key to scaling your business in terms of lead-flow for your Mortgage Business. (With PPC you have a lever that you can turn up on-demand to increase traffic & calls into your Mortgage Brokerage).

On this video you will learn:

– Discover how the AdWords engine works – You have to understand how the AdWords auction process works if you intend to succeed with paid search – quality & relevance is the answer.

– The secrets to maximizing quality score – In order to lower your cost per click & cost per lead – Ad Groups, the right keywords, compelling text ads, site links & strategic landing pages are important

– The Key Performance Indicator’s & how to track them – You should not invest another dollar into AdWords or any form of paid search without the proper tracking in place to gauge your cost per lead

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