PPC For Appliance Repair Companies: How To Get More Appliance Repair Leads From AdWords

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Pay Per Click Advertising, aka PPC Marketing or Paid Search is one of the key source of appliance repair advertising if you are looking for unlimited scalability to increase the amount of appliance repair leads for your Appliance Repair Business. (With ppc advertising you can put your had on the lever and make Google Ads or Bing Ads the on-demand way to increase phone calls into your Appliance Service Company).

In this training video we show you how to increase your leads through PPC and how you can maximize the return on investment with pay per click marketing even if you (or your ppc manager) failed with PPC advertising in the past.

What You’re Going To Learn:

– Discover how the AdWords engine works – And why your top priority should be quality and relevance if you want to pay the lowest possible cost per click.

– How and why you want to focus on quality score – This is the secret to lowering your cost per click and ultimately your cost per lead

– Structuring your Ad Groups, choosing the right keywords, writing compelling text ads, making use to AD extensions such as site links and designing high converting landing pages on your website are critical to your paid search success.

– The Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s and how to track them – so you can stop flushing money down the toilet and start seeing a ROI.

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