PPC Advertising | Man on the Street w/ The HOTH

Today at The HOTH, Bobby dusted off his microphone and hit the streets to see what the people of St. Petersburg know about PPC Advertising.

Think you know PPC Advertising? Watch the whole video to learn more about using Google Ads and see how your knowledge compares to that of St. Petersburg residents and visitors.

In this video, we cover PPC topics like:
– What does PPC stand for?
– What is PPC Advertising?
– Do you ever click on Google Ads?
– How much does PPC Advertising cost per click?

At The HOTH, we recently launched our first PPC advertising service, HOTH PPC. Our PPC team can manage your entire PPC campaign, helping you to lower your CPC and drive more leads and sales through paid traffic. You can learn more about HOTH PPC and Google Ads management here:

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