[Part 1] Adwords Optimized for Conversions – Spend less, convert more…

Over the last 6 months alone I have spent $27,014.79 on google adwords campaigns. I consider that money well spent as I have a consistant conversion rate of 24.43%.

The crazy thing about google adwords it that a lot of the time you need to do the opposite to popular belief to get good results.

For example, why does everyone want to be in position 1 in the auction? All that will do is drain your account and give you a low conversion rate. Position 3-4 is the sweet spot.

I’ve got a tone of tips and tricks to get your account and landing page converting like a machine.

I use the example of my own business tree removal business GoTreeQuotes as an example, but this can be implemented in any type of business that uses PPC search network on Adwords.

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