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Paid Optimization

Reduce spend where you already have visibility.

Refocus paid dollars where you’re underperforming in organic search results so you can make a bigger net impact.

Discover low cost bidding opportunities.

Reach your customer early in their buyer’s journey, where less sophisticated competitors are not paying attention.

Beat your competitors with better bidding strategies.

Leverage insights about where competitors succeed and build competitive content or increase bidding to unseat them.

Improve conversion throughout the customer journey with retargeting.

Map content to your customers’ journey so you can use retargeting to improve conversion throughout each stage.

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Get more ROI from your paid and organic strategies by managing them together, in Conductor Searchlight.

Reduce paid spend where you already have organic visibility, refocusing that money to make a bigger net impact.

Find low-cost bidding opportunities where your competitors are not paying attention, and discover high-competition terms where you can win.

Finally, improve conversions with smart retargeting. Map your content to your customers’ journey and convert more customers at every stage.

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