Paid Ads – Pay Per Click Online Ads | Effective Ecommerce Podcast #23

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In this episode of the effective Ecommerce Podcast we’re going to be talking about paid ads PPC advertisements which basically just means pay-per-click and we’re going to talk about AdWords product listing ads, aka Google shopping ads, Facebook ads, Pinterest, YouTube ads, Linked-in ads, Twitter ads Amazon paid ads a lot of different things I’m going to give you a quick overview of all these we’re not going to get too in-depth because I’m going to do separate podcasts on each one of these the point of this episode is to do a few different things number one help you determine should you be using AdWords Facebook Ads what should you be doing number two it’s going to be helped give you some tips that are general enough for all forms of PPC and I’m hoping that this will be is information dense as possible and give you as many notes to walk away with so let’s start from the very beginning what is pay-per-click advertising basically alit is advertising online or you pay as the advertiser every time someone clicks on your ad to go to your websites you might tell AdWords or Facebook ads I’m going to give you a dollar every time you get someone from my advertisement from Google to my website so if you don’t know already AdWords is Google’s advertising platforms every time you see an ad anytime you do a google search and you see an ad well that is AdWords basically it’s also includes display ads which I won’t talk about too much because I don’t think they’re the best for most forms of Ecommerce I think they’re great if you’re doing remarketing but I don’t think they’re the best for most cold traffic so that’s the first thing so let’s talk about some general principles and the number one principle I’m going to say here is don’t make it feel like an ad pretty much anytime you never you

The basic principle doesn’t make it feel like an ad anytime you create an ad
Especially true for social media

Adwords vs. other forms of paid ads
Ready to buy

Googles Paid Ads
PLA’s / Google Shopping
What google shopping is
Facebook Ads
Pinterest Ads
YouTube Ads
Twitter Ads
Amazon Paid ads

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