Lawyer PPC | How To Choose The Right PPC Company For Your Law Firm

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You know that generating quality cases for your law firm on a consistent basis is VITAL to your firm’s survival and success, no matter what practice area you’re in.

And you know that the most important long-term investment you could ever make is in your law firm’s case-generation & marketing strategies.

So, why do lawyers stumble into their relationships with marketing companies?

In this video, Bill Hauser (CEO of SMB Team) will be giving you the 12 important things to look for when choosing a new PPC agency for your law practice.

You may be currently looking for a new PPC legal marketing company, you may be happy with your current law firm marketing company OR you could be just getting started. Either way, the information I’m about to give you can literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend on Google.

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⚙The SMB Team is a legal marketing agency, specializing in law firm PPC, SEO and website development and design. We help attorneys create highly profitable, niche specific advertising campaigns that generate REAL clients.

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