I Got Over 62,000 Clicks at .04 w/ Bing Ads PPC

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In this video, I show you that I received over 62,000 clicks at a low cost of .04 cents per click advertising with Bing Ads PPC. In one Bing Ads Campaign I generated over 12,000 clicks at $0.05 cents per click with a Click-Through-Rate of 7.05%.

Throughout this Pay Per Click (PPC) Tutorial, I prove to you that I get .04 – .05 cent clicks to my affiliate offers daily. You could earn money easily if you can get 20 leads to your affiliate offer while only spending $1.00. Or get 100 leads at a cost of $5.00.

In my Bing Ads PPC Training course I teach you how to obtain results just like me. I take you step-by-step creating a Bing AdWords campaign that has thousands of keywords resulting in cheap Bing Ads Traffic.

I hope this Bing AdWords preview video helps you realize how powerful Bing Ads can be and how much money you can earn with affiliate offers at .05 cents per lead. Bing Ads is the best Pay Per Click Network in 2017 in my opinion because of the possibility of dirt cheap clicks.

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