How to Study the Bible – Advanced Bible Study Tip No.1 – How These 3 Beliefs Are Betraying You


When it arrives to your Bible examine, your own beliefs are killing your understanding!

It isn’t going to make any difference whether or not you are a Bible beginner or professional, whether or not you are an Inductive Bible Analyze expert or whether or not you own the biggest examine Bible.

The preconceptions you carry INTO your Bible examine have additional electric power than any method of observation you could possess.

In this short article, I want to make you knowledgeable of those people blind spots.

Perception #1 – Your Practical experience

Your activities, fantastic or negative, have a huge effects on how you interpret different truths of the Bible.

Does God care? hear? response prayer? Is he fantastic? may perhaps be concerns jostling in your brain immediately after a tragic encounter. I don’t forget additional than one friend asking this in their mid-30s when they ended up continue to not married.

Warning: Your encounter is not the greatest judge for whether or not some thing in the Bible is genuine.

This is not to say that you cannot belief any encounter. Alternatively, it indicates that you cannot make it the closing judge.

Perception #2 – Your Religious Tradition

We have all been deeply affected by our church, pastor or non secular custom.

These influences have given us nicely-fashioned views on just about any matter: the trinity, women of all ages in ministry, abortion, homosexuality, parenting or interactions to name a number of.

In some situations, your sights may perhaps have been discouraged or frowned on. This shorter-circuited your studying and may perhaps have induced doubt in your examine of the Bible.

Warning: Beware of strongly held sights on any matter. No church or pastor is right 100% of the time.

Extra importantly, do not let these strong influences cloud your vision as you technique the Bible on those people subject areas.

Perception #3 – Your Language and Society

We are deeply cultural creatures. We interpret everything through the lens of our own lifestyle, even matters in the Bible that occurred 1000s of several years in the past.

For case in point, if we study the phrase church in the Bible, we could imagine pews, a pulpit, a solitary pastor up front, choirs, Sunday faculty classes, and so on.

But most of these principles are Much Eradicated from how the New Testomony understands that phrase.

The same goes for the Bible’s perspective of relationship, get the job done, charity, women of all ages, and so on.

Warning: You cannot import your cultural and linguistic understanding into your examining of the Bible.

The Bible must be study in its own cultural and linguistic track record to make any feeling.


Your encounter, spiritual custom and language / lifestyle may perhaps be allowing you down in your examine of the Bible. Test to decrease their effects and you will have a significantly superior understanding as you examine.

God bless the examining and examine of his phrase.


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