How To Set Up Remarketing In The 2018 Google AdWords UI

Unless you’ve been living under a digital rock over the past few weeks, you’ll be well aware that Google has recently released a new iteration of the Google AdWords UI. Sending shockwaves and headaches to PPC consultants and agencies all over the world. No really, just scroll through Twitter.

The new AdWords experience, as Google has named it, brings an easy on the eye re-skinned interface, intuitive advanced reporting, quicker processes and fresh features and tools.

With any major release and update, bugs are bugging, features are missing and the processes that we’ve been drilling for years have changed. Nonetheless, the new experience is here. So, we need to work with it.

One of the processes to have changed is the setting up of AdWords Remarketing. In the below instructional screen recording, I show you how to setup remarketing in the 2018 AdWords UI. The video covers the audience manager, how to create a remarketing tag, and setting up audience lists, display remarketing campaigns and responsive display ads.


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