How to Set Marketing Goals – Surfside PPC Marketing Lesson #9

Learn some simple tips for how to set marketing goals. This is a simple guide for setting marketing goals for your business. It can be difficult to understand how to use goals and how to set them for your business, so hopefully, this video helps make it a bit easier. I prefer to focus on one Key Performance Indicator and focus on growing that. With that growth, you can achieve your goals and realize that other parts of your business are growing as well. For example, you should focus on improving your website traffic because it can help you grow all aspects of your business.

3 Steps to Setting Marketing Goals:

1. Start with a statistic you want to improve

2. Choose a realistic monthly growth percentage

3. Create a monthly plan to improve the statistic

– Choose 1 Key Performance Indicator, a Growth Percentage, and an Action Plan.

– Don’t focus on 10 different goals at once.

– Stick to your Action Plan.

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