How Much to Spend on Lawn Care Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Without Getting Burned (2019)

Considering pay per click advertising for lawn care leads? Find out how much to spend on lawn care PPC, both how much you should pay a lawn care marketing agency, how Google Ads calculates click costs, as well as what is a good monthly Google Ads budget for your lawn service.

Be sure to watch all the videos in this series:


PPC Google Ads: Problems for Lawn Care & Landscaping Companies

Landscaping & Lawn Care PPC: Problem #1 Messed-Up Priorities

How Much to Spend on Lawn Care Pay Per Click (PPC) Without Getting Burned

Google Adwords for Lawn Care Companies: Improving ROI & Measuring Success on Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

For more info, check out this resource on our website, “Okay, MAYBE PPC Can Work for Lawn Care Companies

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