Google Search Ads Tutorial 2019 – How to Setup Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Google Adwords Campaign

Complete Google Search Ads Tutorial for 2019. This step by step video guide explains how to create a new google ad campaign, ad settings, ad group and ad creation and keyword research. This tutorial will also help you get started with pay-per-click advertising, keyword targeting, traffic and lead generation to increase your sales.

A short intro on Google ads:

Google ads in an online advertising platform that will enable you to promote your business via search, display and YouTube network. The platform allows advertisers to bid on certain keywords in order to trigger your ad on Google’s search engine results pages. Google ads is also know as pay-per-click advertising since you will be paying for clicks on your ad rather than impressions(on search network).

Useful tools for keyword research(Free version):

Paid Keyword Research Tools: and

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