Google Adwords for Dentists: How to Get More Patients | Dental PPC Advertising

Learn how to Get More Patients for Your Dental Clinic Using Google Adwords. Leveraging Google Adwords for Dentists is a Predictable Way to Generate Low Cost Leads for Your Clinic.

In this presentation I’ll show you high-level dental marketing strategies to set up effective campaigns that produce phone calls and appointments on autopilot!

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Get more dental patients to your clinic!

The benefits of marketing for dentists using Google ads

High intent
Leads from Google are generally more costly than from Facebook but convert far better into paying customers
Everything can be tracked so you know down to the penny how much it costs you to acquire a new customer
Fast Results
A campaign can be setup in a day if you know what you’re doing. I’ve gotten customers for clients the very same day setting up an Adwords campaign for them.
Prefered by Google
Platforms are pushing organic rankings lower and moving businesses towards paid advertising. The trend isn’t going away any time soon.

Specific for Dentistry

High customer LTV
High Search Volume
Evergreen Industry
Fairly easy to get good Cost/Lead


Limited by how many people searching
Brand loyalty

When Does Google Ads Perform the Best?

Suburbs of a city
100,000 – 400,000 are prime locations
Sufficient Budget
Smooth Business Processes

Understanding your patients

Understand who they are and why they choose a particular office is absolutely vital.

Target location
Age range
Income level

Going to the dentist is a chore
Looking for the dentist while at work
Kids & adults nervous

Quick Intro to Google Adwords

Keywords, ads, Landing Pages
Match Types

Determine the Services you want to promote

For this example I’ll show you general dentistry. However, there will be slight nuances to how the ads perform depending on what service you promote.

Google Adwords Campaign for General Dentistry

Insurance: this is a huge thing to keep in mind when running Google Adwords campaigns for Dental Clinics.

Make sure your landing pages reflect the insurances the dental clinic accepts AND create copy in your ads that indicate insurances you accept to increase click through rates.

+dentist +boston +ma
+dentist +near +me

Further, you can split these campaigns by the way they target people around your dental office.

GEO – Located in Target Area
People in your target area specifying that they need a dentist in your town/city
GEO – Located Outside Target Area
People at work looking for a dentist back in their hometown
NON GEO – Located in Target Area
People in your target location searching for dentists but not specifying where
NON GEO – Searching For Target Area
People at work looking for a dentist in their hometown but not specifying the location in their search.

Neighboring Towns/Cities

GEO – Target – Reading
+dentist +reading +ma

It is suggested to indicate within your ad that you are not in the town they searched for BUT are close by.

Writing Good Ads
Headline Usage
Landing Pages

Preferably, you want to send traffic to landing pages with no navigation and requires the person to call/schedule or leave the website.

You don’t want to give the person too many ways to shop around and get distracted like you normally see on standard website home pages.

However, you can still get decent results sending to a website home page assuming it is decently designed and functions correctly.

Have a clear phone number for people to call as soon as they land on your website as well as an online booking system.

Negative Keywords
You want to make sure your campaigns don’t trigger on bad searches.

To do this, invest a LOT of time and effort into negating terms that are likely people who won’t become a lead.

Call Extensions:

HIPPA Compliance –

Use these at your own risk and do your own research – However, if it is the case that we can use this for dentists then most definitely enable this feature since it will likely significantly improve your cost/conv.

Location Extensions
These provide location details for the end user but more importantly, enable your ads to show in the maps area.

Dentistry is a location-based industry so location matters to patients. This means lots of searchers are going to a) want to know where you’re located and b) use the map area to determine this contact businesses.

Last, and absolutely most important! Are conversions.

If you don’t set up conversions you might as well not run your campaign. And if you are running a campaign without conversions you are essentially throwing your money into the wind and waving goodbye.

Make sure to track when someone has a) called your office phones from and extension b) from your website and or c) set an appointment or submitted a contact request form.

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