Google Ads For Real Estate Agents Tutorial 2019

Check out our Real Estate Google Ads Tutorial for 2019. When it comes to Google AdWords for Real Estate Agents, our tutorial will guide you through the step-by-step process of getting started with Google Ads and driving Real Estate Leads using PPC Advertising. You might have no clue how to get started with Pay-Per-Click Ads for Real Estate, so we give you some tips, tricks, hacks, and strategies to get the most out of your advertising budget.

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You first want to get started by creating a Google Ads account, creating a Google Analytics account, and creating an IDX Real Estate website. There are plenty of Real Estate IDX Website Providers that we listed below. Our tutorial will be focused on a website example.

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IDX Broker:

Once you have your website set-up with Google Analytics installed, you want to link your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts. This will enable auto-tagging and allow you to import conversions into Google Ads with ease. Next, you can create your Goal conversions through Google Analytics, such as phone calls and contact form submissions, and import your Goals into Google Ads as conversions. You will be optimizing your Real Estate Google Ads campaigns for Leads so that you can increase your number of clients and ultimately, sell more homes.

We show you how to import your Custom Conversions through Google Ads, and once you have completed these steps, you are ready to create a search campaign to drive Real Estate leads.

You want to click the plus sign to create a new Google Ads campaign, select leads from the list of campaign goals, and enter your website. Then, you can name your campaign. I highly recommend creating one search campaign for your entire Real Estate website because you eventually want to use a Target Cost-Per-Action (Target CPA) bidding strategy. That will help you get the most conversions for your budget.

Our main tip is to understand keyword match types for real estate so that you can create separate ad groups for the cities you serve, counties you serve, and neighborhoods that are popular with homes for sale. You want separate ad groups so that people who search for individual neighborhoods will find your website, see all the homes for sale, and contact you for help with helping them find a house.

You can then serve custom ads with custom landing pages so that people can get the best possible user experience. The better your campaigns are organized, the less you will spend because you will have a better quality score and ad rank than your competitors. Creating organized campaigns through Google Ads for Real Estate Leads is the best thing you can do in 2019. You want the keywords your potential customers type in to match your ads and to send them to the correct landing page. This will lead to more Real Estate phone calls, leads, contact form submissions, and more through Google AdWords.

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