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This is a free Adwords PPC training course intended for small business owners.

I am a Google Certified PPC Analyst, and have managed many hundreds of small businesses PPC programs, with budgets ranging from $300/month all the way to $3,000,000/month.

In every single client that I have worked on, I improved their overall volume and conversion metrics, through a mix of proper account structure, defined targeting, copywriting, data analysis, and optimization.

This free course is intended as a way of passing on the knowledge I gained running my ad agency, onto others who are interested in either doing Adwords PPC for their own business, or as an agency.

A few years ago I transitioned to running my own product-based educational company, and this was a course I originally shot with the intention to sell, but my focus drifted towards my performance marketing agency (aka. affiliate network) and my online educational company, so now I am offering it for free, since my agency no longer manages individual Adwords accounts anymore.

This course is meant to be taken in the following order:

1. Introduction (18 minutes)
– https://youtu.be/eWxDRDebbGY

2. Account Structure (1hr)
– https://youtu.be/iCukvoitX-8

3. Targeting Part 1 (54min)
– https://youtu.be/z22ct-otGHo

4. Targeting Part 2 (53min)
– https://youtu.be/hWrUWP5pfzw

5. Targeting Part 3 (54min)

6. Remarketing (16min)
– https://youtu.be/RGI9sP7H9gM

7. Ad Copywriting (24min)
– https://youtu.be/EKCli1krnCo

8. Landing Pages (34min)
– https://youtu.be/-TJ3O-rlh98

9. Optimization (49min)
– https://youtu.be/ZtLzrAX9BHM

10. Affiliate Programs (26min)
– https://youtu.be/2GJ9UUA_NGU

The total runtime of the entire training course is 6 hours and 27 minutes.

My experience includes managing the Adwords and Bing PPC advertising for nationwide financial services companies with annual PPC budgets in the $XX million dollar per year range, to local tutoring services.

I was hired as a high-paid consultant for major marketing agencies, and brought in to train entire teams of a dozen+ people inside these organizations, and was hired to manage the PPC of Apple, McDonalds, and Honda before I left the corporate world, to pursue my own entrepreneurial efforts.

I hope these videos can help you create success in your business, or serve as valuable training material for your marketing teams.

Here is a brief list of a few of the clients I worked on, and/or directed the marketing teams on during my stint in the corporate world:
– http://www.jibjab.com/ (e-cards)
– http://www.mypatriotsupply.com/ (ecommerce)
– http://www.booker.com/ (b2b software)
– https://www.regalassets.com/ (investment)
– http://www.public.eqis.com/ (financial services)
– https://greenlightloans.com (financial services)
– Girls gone wild dot com (adult)
– https://www.fragrantjewels.com/ (consumer goods)
– http://pluto.tv/ (social)
– https://www.adt.com/ (home security)
– http://www.libertysettlementfunding.com/ (financial services)
– http://ameritech.edu/ (education)
– https://www.cococohome.com/ (consumer goods)
– http://www.bestowed.com/ (consumer goods)
– http://www.kerrygaynormethod.com/ (self-help)

If you are interested in creating an affiliate marketing program for your company, I encourage you to contact my business partner Steve Lowry at my company Nutryst. His email is steve @ nutryst dot com.

Nutryst currently manages the affiliate programs for hundreds of clients in the health and wellness industry, across the world.

If you are interested in learning how you can become an independent marketing professional (known as an affiliate marketer), I offer more current programs (not free) below.

If you have any questions or comments about this Google Adwords PPC training course, let me know in the comments!



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