Finding and Closing PPC Clients (Part 2)

This video covers how I help agencies get PPC (pay per click management) clients. If you’re a digital agency owner or salesperson that runs PPC campaigns on Facebook or Google, it’s vital that you have a case study. PPC is one of the easier types of digital marketing to compile a case study for, because the results of campaigns are easily tracked (unlike web design, for example).

Leading with a case study and targeting companies similar to their subject of the case study is important. You should come to the prospect with strategy ideas, instead of simply presenting yourself as someone who can do the technical setup of a campaign while plugging in generic copy.

In this video, I work off a list compiled by my VA (virtual assistant) team. When prospecting, use as many channels as possible and repeat your message on each one. Keep your pitch short and to the point. Instead of overwhelming your prospect with information, just give them one interesting piece of info and invite them to find out more.

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