FBA Strategy- 5 Advanced PPC Tips! + Discover Hidden Metrics to Increase Sales!

Welcome Back! Today I discuss proven techniques to optimize your manual PPC campaigns! Time Stamps of the 5 tools are below:

Tip #1: 0:29 Click-through-Rate Seller; Central Settings Tutorial
Tip #2: 3:15 Keyword Targeting Competitors
Tip #3: 4:55 Differentiate Main Image
Tip #4 6:14 Keyword Relevancy, Long-Tail Keywords
Tip #5 6:50 ACoS & Keyword Tracking

Full Article:

Tools Mentioned in Today’s Video:
-Helium10 Keyword Tracker (discount code below)
EBIZWITHLIZ50- 50% off your 1st month of Helium10
EBIZWITHLIZ10- 10% off your monthly subscription to Helium10

Additional Discounts to Save you some $$:
Jungle Scout: $20 off Chrome Extension

Egrow.io: Highly discounted FBA tools package

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