Cue Stick Grooming, Cue Guidelines Care, & How to Sustain a Cue Stick

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The most crucial portion of any cue is the suggestion. Your big concern should really be how nicely it maintains its form and holds chalk. The suggestion should really hardly ever be sleek or chalk deficient!

one. The suggestion should really be formed in just a dime to nickel radius. A gauge is offered with most instruments.

2. If not in just dime to nickel radius, location a suggestion shaper on the ground with the bowl facet up.

three. Flip the cue upside down putting the suggestion of the cue into the shaper bowl.

four. Rotate the cue when pivoting the cue again and forth. Be cautious not to above sand and have on the suggestion down far too swiftly. Don’t forget, you are not sanding down the suggestion, merely shaping it.

5. Use a suggestion-pik and scuffer on the leather-based suggestion to roughen and make deep perforations for utmost chalk retention and better ball handle.

6. Implement a modest total of wax to the outside edge of the suggestion and burnish. This will help reduce the suggestion from mushrooming and will sharpen your sights in marriage to the cue suggestion and the ball.

Shaft Upkeep

When the cue receives filthy or sticky the shaft demands to be cleaned.

one. Working with No. 600 soaked/dry sandpaper, white scotch shiny pad or No. 0000 steel wool thoroughly clean the shaft from the ferrule, down ten-15 inches.

2. Working with a piece of brown paper, undyed leather-based or even a 20 dollar monthly bill, burnish the shaft till it will become scorching to the contact. This provides the shaft a polished glimpse and feel, enabling the shaft to slide efficiently by means of your fingers without sporting a glove.

three. An additional selection would be to apply a modest total of conditioner to the shaft operating it down into the shaft where by you have cleaned.

Additional Upkeep

one. To thoroughly clean and polish the ferrule use Pearl Fall Tooth Polish with a dampened cotton cloth and twist the ferrule again and forth in the cloth among your fingers.

2. Incorporating a drop of silicon, shaft treatment method or graphite to the joint pin will minimize friction

three. In no way apply drinking water to any portion of the cue adhere.

Guidelines on Safeguarding Your Financial commitment

one. In no way depart your cue adhere in parts of serious warmth or chilly. To do so may well brings about the shaft to warp.

2. Do not expose your cue to any moisture.

three. Make guaranteed you often have the bumper on the butt conclusion of your cue.

four. In no way apply any oils to your cue. This will soften the wooden and harm sections.

5. In no way depart your cue unattended until it is secure.

6. A Excellent Rule to Comply with…Only let your cue go where by you would go.

7. Constantly store your cue exactly upright or horizontal.

8. Constantly use seasoned and reliable support personnel.

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