Create Valuable Content Daily – Surfside PPC Marketing Lesson #1

Check out our Surfside PPC Marketing Lessons. For our first lesson, I talk about how creating valuable content on your website, YouTube channel, social media channels, and more is the best long-term strategy for success. You can create a beautiful website, outsource your logo for thousands of dollars, and pay for branding expertise. However, none of that matters if you don’t create valuable content every day.

My number 1 lesson and marketing tip is to focus on creating content like articles, podcasts, books, youtube videos, social media posts, and more that people will engage with and enjoy. Solve the problems that other people are having and answer their questions in an effective manner. That is the best way to actually grow a brand and grow an audience over time.

What you should do is find a time to make content every day. Plan your content in advance so you know that at a certain time, you will be writing articles, creating videos, recording a podcast, or doing whatever content you need to do to grow your business.

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