Build a Business in Minutes | Simple Google Ads Tutorial | PPC Tips

Build a Business in Minutes | Simple Google Ads Tutorial | PPC Tips

The fastest way to find people interested in your product or service is with Google Ads. The reason why Google Ads is so powerful, is because the people who click on your AD are purchase ready, meaning they are actively searching for what you offer.

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In this tutorial, we are going through the basics on how to set up an effective AD.
After you do this, please understand that you should be A/B testing ad copy, checking your results and adding negative keywords, and adjusting your bids.

This is one of the marketing methods I am using to test out
We will see what the results are shortly.

Day 21 Update

TaskBoard (SAAS Company) – Software being Developed

CardSnap (Digital Business Cards) – Software being Developed

WiBo (WireFrame Board, Physical Product for Graphic Designers) – Prototype Built, Marketing Plan in progress

QuoteLogic – Subscription based Software Development – Test Marketing Phase

Lead Generation Company (Name TBD) – Software being Developed

Financial Mobile App (Announcement Soon – Exciting Stuff! )

Network Marketing (Research Phase)

My Book (Audio Recorded, being converted to text)

World’s Largest Business Referral Network – Software being Developed


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