Amazon PPC Management Service: AsteroidX (Amazon Advertising)

Yes– AsteroidX successfully cuts ACoS while increasing sales by $1000s every month.

Yes– AsteroidX analyzes every technical factor to craft Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns that make more money.

Yes– AsteroidX monitors 24/7 and makes daily bid adjustments to your Amazon advertising to better deploy your capital.

But how exactly does AsteroidX run Amazon PPC ads? Here’s our entire Amazon PPC strategy.

➤ Day 1: Access to the account using Seller Central permissions.

➤ Days 1-3: Full account diagnostic.

➤ Month 1: With your numbers in hand, we calibrate all campaigns to go under your ceiling and towards your ACoS goals.
Automatic and Manual Campaigns, Triplicate Match Types.

➤ Month 2: Amazon PPC Optimization.
– Eliminate search terms that are costing a lot of money and receiving no sales.
– Begin turning down high-ACoS search terms (unless they are producing a lot of sales and you’re playing Aggressivo).
– Begin turning down bids on Automatic campaigns in favor of more controllable Manual ones
– Adding negative match keywords to campaigns

➤ Month 3:
– We start to have enough data to make decisions based on your ACoS ideals, not just ceiling.
– We adjust bids and optimize campaigns to work towards said goals.
– We can now make reliable sales projections, as well as what it might cost to scale your revenues even further by going deep into long-tail keyword variations and more broadly-related terms.

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