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These are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive regarding Amazon Pay Per Click Advertising.

If you are looking for an Amazon FBA PPC tutorial on how to setup a Pay Per Click campaign for launching a product I would recommend my earlier video:

I get emails only a daily basis with questions about advertising on Amazon via PPC so I have put together this list of some of the most common questions.

1) How much should I budget for PPC? This is an impossible question to answer with a figure, however, I like to look at it in reverse and calculate what budget I would be willing to spend on an FBA product launch before deeming it a failure.

2) Should I use an auto, manual or product campaign? I prefer manual PPC campaigns as they allow complete control over your keywords and product targeting. With auto campaigns you can only exclude keywords and you can only set a single bid for all keywords.

3) Should I use the suggested bid for each keyword? You usually have to bid a lot higher than the suggested keyword to feature on the first page of search results, especially if your product is new to Amazon.

4) What is a good ACOS? I try not to focus too much on ACOS, instead conversion rates and whether your daily sales are meeting your targets are more important metrics.

5) How many keywords (and what type) should I use in a campaign? I like to use 5 to 10 exact match keywords in a campaign, this is usually enough keywords to generate the necessary demand and also few enough to generate useful data within a few days of the campaign starting. Campaigns with too many keywords can takes weeks or months to provide enough data to make decisions.

6) Why can’t I see my advert in the search results? If your PPC advert isn’t showing up in Amazon’s search results this is very often because the bid is too low.

7) My main keyword is using up all my budget, what should I do? Firstly try reducing your bid for that particular keyword, this should generate more traffic for the same overall budget. You can also put the keyword into it’s own campaign to give you complete budgetary control of the keyword and also give your other keywords a chance to shine.

8) When should I turn off my PPC? This depends on your goals for your product and where you are in the product life cycle. I wouldn’t recommend turning PPC off until you have established stable ranks for at least a few weeks, you can then experiment with slowly reducing the daily budget and possibly turning it off completely.

9) Does PPC include VAT? Your Amazon PPC bid does not include VAT, Amazon add this on at a later date you any bid is subject to a 20% increase which you can not claim back unless you are VAT registered.

10) How often should I check my PPC campaign? I check new campaigns daily (the following morning) until the it is established and optimised, I then only check it every few days or sometimes less frequently.

11) Where do you get your keyword data? I use Helium 10 to carry out my PPC keyword data research, I use the Magnet and Cerebro tools which allow you to search real Amazon search data and also perform a reverse ASIN lookup.

Please drop a comment below if you have any questions about Amazon Ads or anything else related to Amazon FBA, I aim to reply to every comment!

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