Amazon PPC Automatic Campaigns | Why You MUST Run This Campaign!

Are you new to running Amazon PPC automatic campaigns? In this video, I explain why you must run an automatic PPC campaign and what it can do for your Amazon FBA business.

Sellers often like to run both automatic and manual PPC campaigns on Amazon FBA at the same time. Technically, this is not wrong but you can experience a much higher ACoS % (advertising cost of sales) if you don’t have any proof to which organic keywords from your automatic campaign will convert the best from what your customers on Amazon are searching in the search bar. Automatic PPC is used to find organic keywords that will help you convert better in manual campaigns once you start running it. Ensure you have an optimize Amazon product listing to get the best out running PPC. Of course, there is a strategy to optimize your PPC campaigns so you make use the best use of your money. For more PPC training, check out my advanced training here:

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