Amazon FBA PPC Strategy 2019 – Product Targeting Pay Per Click Campaign Explained – Amazon FBA UK

Tutorial explaining how to setup an Amazon product targeting PPC campaign and lower your ACOS!

I recently used a product targeting strategy to re-launch one of my private label FBA products that was selling on Amazon.

Initially I tried to re-launch it using a keyword campaign, however, the ACOS was a little high so I decided to experiment with product targeting Ads.

I had previously only used product targeting PPC when launching new products (with zero reviews) and on both occasions ended up with an ACOS that was much higher than the keyword targeted PPC campaigns that were active at the same time.

However, having now tried product targeting again on a well reviewed product the results were a lot better and the ACOS was actually lower than the keyword campaign.

These are some of my top tips for a successful product targeted PPC campaign:

1) Target similar products – look for products that are at a similar price point and offer similar features but that are inferior to your product in some way.
2) Be honest with yourself about whether your product is better
3) Avoid products with wildly different price points – if your product sells for £20, don’t target products that are selling for £5 as the customer is shopping at the wrong price point.
4) Find products with equal or lower review scores – if you product has a 4.5 star average, only target products that have a 4.5 or lower review score.
5) Target products of similar size and dimension – it increases the chances of them seeing your product as a suitable alternative.

Do you use product targeting pay per click campaigns? Let me know in the comments below!

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