Amazon Advertising – How To Make The Most of Your Amazon PPC Campaigns

Amazon Advertising – How To Make The Most of Your Amazon PPC Campaigns

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What Are Amazon Ads?

Similar to how Google search works, when you type in a keyword in the Amazon search box and results appear, some of the top results will be sponsored posts – these are considered Amazon ads. They are denoted with subtle “sponsored” or “ad” text.

Advertisers who want to gain more visibility to their products on Amazon can pay for these positions by bidding on specific keywords, which will lead to higher visibility in the Amazon SERPs. The advertiser will then be charged when a shopper clicks on their ad. You can essentially see Amazon’s advertising platform as the Amazon version of AdWords.

Amazon ads can also appear on individual product pages. However, there are many types of Amazon ad options beyond these sponsored search posts.

To start advertising on Amazon you’ll first need to sign into your seller or vendor account.

There are three main types of ads you can configure through Amazon including sponsored products ads, headline search ads, and product display ads.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads
Sponsored product ads operate similar to ads run through the Google Shopping Network. These are the ads that drive Amazon searchers directly to a specific product you’re selling on Amazon.

When shoppers click on your sponsored product ad, they’ll be directed to the ads product detail page. Sponsored product ads are typically displayed above or below the search results page, as well as on other product detail pages. These ads are keyword-targeted, and advertisers have the option of choosing from exact, phrase, or broad match types. Advertisers also have the control of setting a daily budget, as well as the campaign duration. While the campaign can be paused at any time it must run for at least 1 day.

Headline Search Ads
Headline search ads display in the search result pages as headline banner ads always above the result listing. These ads are cost-per-click, and lead searchers to any specified page on Amazon.

These ads are also keyword targeted, and can be used to promote 3 or more products together. Headline search ads also use a cost-per-click method where the minimum bid per keyword is $0.10. There are also only two keyword match-types supported for headline search ads – exact and phrase match. Lastly, the minimum campaign budget for these ads is $100, with a limit of $1 spent per day. Campaigns can be scheduled to run up to four months in advance.

Amazon Product Display Ads
Lastly, we have product display ads that work a bit differently then the two ad formats above. These ads are not keyword targeted, but rather interest or product targeted display ads. They drive shoppers to the products detail page and are also priced by a cost-per-click method.

Advertisers can select from a long list of products (for example, similar products to what you’re selling) or interests (for example, if the shopper is interested in running) to target these ads to relevant shoppers. It’s important to note that each campaign is limited to one target type. These ads can appear to the right or at the bottom of the search results, on the customer reviews page, at the top of the offer listings page, as well as in Amazon marketing emails.

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