Advanced Google AdWords Shopping PLA Structure

Shopping campaigns on Google AdWords are tricky beasts.

On one hand, you appear for relevant, targeted, commercial terms. The terms you appear for come directly from your shopping feed.

On the other hand, just because every term will be relevant, doesn’t mean they’re going to convert at the same rate.

Query-Level bidding has been around in AdWords for almost 3-4 years, (, but I still see most accounts ignoring the opportunity.

Here’s how to set-up:

Campaign 1: General, Low Converting Search Terms.

Priority: High
Bids: Low Bids (say 50 cents)
Negatives: All Brand terms & SKU Terms

Campaign 2: Brand Terms, High Converting Search Terms

Priority: Medium
Bids: Higher than Campaign 1 (say 1-3 bucks)
Negatives: Very Specific SKU Terms

Campaign 3: Very Specific SKU Terms

Priority: Low
Bids: Higher than Campaign 2 (say 3-5 bucks)
Negatives: Only bad SKU Terms


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