Advanced Amazon PPC Strategies 2019 (Part 3)- Competitor Analysis, Targeting & Improve conversions

Advanced Amazon Pay Per Click Strategies | Ultimate tips to optimize your Amazon PPC for 2019 – Part 3
Tip 7 : Drive sales for your brand with new to Brand Metrics
– Sponsored Brands
– New-to-Brand Metrics

Tip 8 : Target the Products that are Running Google Ads
– Capitalize on the visibility of your competitors
– Place Your Product ads on Your Competitors Pages

Tip 9 : Gauge the Buying Behavior of Your Target Audience
– Understand buying pattern of your demographic
– Figure out how to target your Audience (General interests, time of shopping etc..,)
– Run Campaigns at different times of the day to identify the best timeline for conversions
– Bid According to your results

Tip 10 : Experiment with different match types and Bid Amounts
– Run Multiple campaigns & Experiment with different parameters
– Experiment & figure out the optimal combination that drives more conversions

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