9 Best Amazon PPC Strategies and Tips for 2020

🔴 I learned a ton in 2019 in regards to Amazon PPC. In today’s video I will be sharing 9 of my favorite Amazon PPC strategies that I learned in 2019 that you should have implemented or should implement ASAP in 2020. Tune in to see my top 9 list of Amazon PPC strategies. Links to everything discussed below.

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🔴Top 9 Amazon PPC Strategies I learned in 2019 to implement in 2020 ASAP

1. SCALE your campaigns: https://salesfunnelhq.com/amazon-search-terms/

2. Bid Adjustment – https://salesfunnelhq.com/bid-adjustment-tos/
Google Sheet Top of Search Calculator: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TRFNmGClyHKKV3eAvkN0BsuRA5sOJ_x8J2BK-ONKEfw/edit?usp=sharing

3. Sponsored Display Ads

4. Track and Measure Your Results: https://salesfunnelhq.com/amazon-ppc-2019/
Manage By Stats to Track Sales (affiliate link):

5. Amazon PPC Software (Semi-Automated): https://salesfunnelhq.com/samurai-seller-review/
Samurai Seller Software to Organize Amazon PPC Reports (affiliate link): https://www.samuraiseller.com/signup?refuid=6dsB7fK7Nuye979PUbT_N-

6. Auto Campaigns: https://salesfunnelhq.com/amazon-ppc-auto-campaign-hacks/

7. Product Targeting Ads: https://salesfunnelhq.com/amazon-product-targeting-ads/

8. Hire Someone (Like Us) or Train Someone Internally Using Or System: https://www.drtraviszigler.com/dr-travis-zigler-amazon-ppc-scheduling-link31792256
Schedule a call: www.growto1million.com
Take my Free Amazon PPC Masterclass: https://salesfunnelhq.com/amazon-ppc-masterclass/

9. Amazon Keyword Research: https://salesfunnelhq.com/amazon-keyword-research/
Helium-10, my favorite Amazon FBA tool, especially for keyword research (affiliate link): https://crushtrk.com/?a=317&c=7&p=r&s1=
Use the Helium-10 Coupon Code SALESFUNNEL50 for either 50% off your first month or 10% off for life

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