8 Advanced Amazon PPC Tips That You Need to Know

The Amazon eco system is changing quite often and will continue to change as we move closer to the end of 2019. It seems like a new feature is added to the Campaign Manager every month.

In this video I go over a few tips that I use to structure my ad campaigns and several tips based on some interesting and more advanced questions I’ve read on some of the most popular Amazon Sponsored Ads Youtube channels.

Here’s a list of the tips that I go over:
1. Two campaign structures that can make your life a lot easier
2. Run 2-3 auto campaigns for each ASIN
3. Run 1 manual campaign with 3 AdGroups (one for each match type) for each ASIN
4. Run 1 manual campaign with only one AdGroup for each ASIN and each match type
5. Add new variation as new AdGroup or as new campaign
6. Test well performing search terms in phrase AND exact
7. DO NOT negative exacting singular or plural of a search term
8. Know what your PPC conversion rate is

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