7 Things To Check For A Top Notch Google Ads Audit (Live PPC Audit)

Today Mike does a live Google Ads campaign audit and shares what he found.

Fixing these points will be a massive improvement in your cost per conversion.

Item 1: Splitting up International Locations (performance across countries was very different) – They needed to be split up.

Item 2: Not many bid change history. For appearing in dozens of countries, they averaged less than one bid change per country

Item 3: Conversion tracking was broken. I even found 1 click that had a 1400% conversion rate (1 click and 14 conversions

Item 4: Age optimization: Most of their conversions were coming from +45 ages, but not the majority of their clicks

Item 5: Very low exact match impression share: This means that 70% of the time they were showing up for variants of their searches, not the keywords they bid on themselves

Item 6: No retargeting on search: RLSA is one of the best campaigns any business can run

Item 7: They were getting 2 cent views, but didn’t scale it!


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