5 Common AdWords PPC Mistakes

In this video, Emma discusses five common mistakes made with AdWords PPC which could be costing you money or reducing the performance and ROI of your campaign.

1. Not bidding on your brand name is a major oversight as doing so can provide many advantages both for your business and your AdWords campaign. Firstly, the Quality Score for your own branded keywords should be really high as the term couldn’t be more relevant, which makes the Cost per Click much lower than more competitive keywords. In addition, the Click-through Rate (CTR) on branded campaigns tends to be far higher than industry terms as searchers are specifically looking for your business. This can have a really positive impact on your account-level Quality Score and bring s your overall CTR up.
2. Failing to use negative keyword effectively or at all can mean you waste impressions and click spend on irrelevant searches, which may include some elements of your target keywords but also additional words which make the query irrelevant. A common example is the use of “free” as a negative keyword, ensuring that users searching for your product but not prepared to pay are not shown your ad.
3. The process of split-testing ads is essential to find higher performing ad variants. Many advertisers make the mistake of running with just one ad per ad group at a time, stopping you from getting good comparative performance data to see what elements of your ads work best.
4. Ad extensions provide a number of benefits for advertisers. Not only do they make your ads stand out and give you more real estate in the SERPs, using them is also a factor affecting Quality Score. A better Quality Score means you need to pay less per click, which means effectively using ad extensions can reduce your spending and increase your ROI.
5. Lastly, don’t forget about mobile users! Mobile is increasingly important both for the growing mobile searching market and for Google who expect sites to provide a strong mobile experience. Make sure you use mobile targeted ads and extensions as well as optimised mobile or responsive landing pages.

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