13 Best Amazon PRODUCT TARGETING ADS Tips, Tricks, and Hacks [AMAZON PPC]

🔴 Do you have a strategy around your Amazon PPC Product Targeting Campaigns? Or do you just do generic category targeting? BIG MISTAKE… In this video I will be showing you 13 of the best tips, tricks, hacks, and strategies behind Product Targeting Ads inside your Amazon PPC account. Tune in to learn more.

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🔴 In this video we are moving on to step NINE, which is what to do with your product targeting campaigns inside Amazon PPC. When you should turn them on, how you should use them, and a strategy to dominate your keywords and search terms that you are making great sales on. I would highly recommend going back and reading/watching the previous examples if this is your first time joining us, as they will all play a role in scaling, or you can check out my FREE 8-week Amazon PPC Masterclass by clicking here: https://salesfunnelhq.com/amazon-ppc-masterclass/

Step 1 – Track and Measure Your Results: https://salesfunnelhq.com/amazon-ppc-2019/
Step 2 – Research Your Competitors: https://salesfunnelhq.com/amazon-competitors/
Step 3 – Simplify Your Amazon Keyword Research: https://salesfunnelhq.com/amazon-keyword-research/
Step 4 – Amazon Listing Optimization: https://salesfunnelhq.com/amazon-listing/
Step 5 – Set Up Your Amazon PPC Campaign: https://salesfunnelhq.com/how-to-set-up-ppc-on-amazon/
Step 6 – SCALE your campaigns: https://salesfunnelhq.com/amazon-search-terms/
Step 7 – Optimizing Keyword Bids for Increased Profitability: https://salesfunnelhq.com/amazon-keyword-optimization/
Step 8 – This video going over Amazon PPC Auto Campaigns Hacks: https://salesfunnelhq.com/amazon-ppc-auto-campaign-hacks/

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