10 Vital Tips for Using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads to Drive More Targeted Traffic

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads to Drive More Targeted Traffic
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If you’re not getting enough people seeing your website, one of the best ways to quickly solve that problem is by running a pay-per-click or PPC ad campaign. PPC campaigns are inexpensive and work wonders when you need a jump start.

If you’re already working to earn traffic by using SEO and other methods, adding a PPC campaign to your marketing mix will bring added attention and energy to your offerings. In this video we’ll discuss 10 tips for leveraging pay-per-click ads.

1. Control Your Brand’s Message
When someone conducts a search of your business, they may organically discover information that isn’t the first thing you want them to find. But, if you run a PPC campaign, you have a lot more control over the message and information you want out there about your business, products, and services.

2. Rise in the Search Engine Results
Your SERPS or search engine results pages are important, and if they’re slacking you can bring them back up with a well-planned PPC campaign. Not only will searchers see the organic search results, but they’ll see the paid ones as well. This means that they’ll see you a lot more.

3. Your Competition Is Doing It
If you don’t run PPC campaigns, you’re going to be left behind by those who do. Your competition is running PPC ads right now, and because of that they’re likely outselling you many times over.

4. It’s Inexpensive, Relatively Speaking
PPC is not expensive. You have a lot of control over the budget. In fact, having a small budget can actually help you be more successful because you’re going to be careful about how much you put into it, only increasing your ad runs when you see a ROI.

5. Fast-Track Buying Choices
Your prospects are somewhere in the buying cycle and decision-making process. If you run PPC ads you can speed up that cycle exponentially, causing them to buy faster than if you stick to organic methods.

6. Paid Traffic Converts
Even though earned traffic is awesome, you have to get a lot more earned traffic before conversions take place than when you pay for it. There’s one caveat, though. That your ads are targeted and well planned out.

7. Promote New Products or Services
When you decide to switch things up and promote something brand new to an entirely new audience, running a PPC campaign is a fast way to get up to speed in the new niche.

8. Build Your Email List Fast
Anytime you want to freshen up your email list by adding new members to it, you can do it easily by running a PPC campaign designed to get more subscribers by marketing a white paper, case study, coupon or other special offer.

9. Damage Control
Is bad press getting you down? You can use PPC to cover up and push down bad press in the search engine results. Just run a PPC campaign using the terms that the bad press is attracting. This way you can take control and push the bad press out.

10. Build More Traffic
Pay per click is an excellent way to build traffic to your website. What’s more, you can choose the targeted traffic you want to be taken to your website, which will build up the traffic with more responsive visitors.

Running a PPC campaign from Google, Facebook, or elsewhere online, can jump-start or refresh your marketing efforts, no matter what kind of business you have. PPC works wonders if you take the time to learn about your audience, understand your goals, and place the campaign where your audience goes.

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