10 Facebook Ads Optimization Tactics You Need To Use

Check out our Facebook Ads Optimization 2019 video for your campaigns. If you want to optimize your Facebook Ads, you need to follow the 10 strategies from the video. Our Facebook Ads Optimization Hacks will give you a step-by-step process to help you continue to drive more conversions within your budget. It’s very difficult to keep your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) high for a campaign, so you need to constantly optimize to keep your cost per conversion low. If you are wondering how to optimize Facebook Ads in 2019, you want to use some of the strategies below. I generally start with Conversion Tracking with the Facebook Pixel and Campaign Budget Optimization.

10 Facebook Ads Optimization Tactics 2019:

1. Add the Facebook Pixel to your website and set-up Conversion Tracking

2. Use Campaign Budget Optimization

3. Use Dynamic Creative

4. Use Retargeting and Target Email & Customer Lists

5. Use Saved Audiences + Keep Target Top-Performing Audiences

6. Run 3+ Ad Sets to Test Different Targeted Audiences

7. Run 3+ Ads to Test Different Images/Video and Ad Copy

8. Create New Ads + Ad Sets Either Weekly or Bi-Weekly

9. Test Multiple Landing Pages On Your Website

10. Run Promotions and Limited Time Offers

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